Facilities introduction

Business Hours

Monday to Saturday & The day before holiday 9:00 ~ 22:00
Sunday & Holidays 9:00 ~ 20:00

Maintenance time
Monday to Saturday & The day before holiday 17:10 ~ 17:40
Sunday & Holidays 13:20 ~ 13:50
  • * We have distributed 30-minute extended tickets at reception.
  • * Sorry we only speak Japanese.

Promotional video (Japanese)


Shape Rectangular slope
Size Length 70m × Width 32m
Inclination angle upper 14°, lower 10°
Other Jump table large & small / rail / box / PVC / quarter pipe / wall
  • * Items set according to the time change.

Facilities introduction

Facility appearance

Snova’s snow is natural-like and stable artificial snow. It is a polymer that has been coated with a special treatment and made to suck water and freeze it.
The artificial snow processing technology is established, it does not adversely affect the environment and the human body, it is safe from food sanitation, so it is harmless even if it enters the mouth.

Dressing Room

Changing Room
There is a male and female free changing room. Put valuables etc in the locker.
Private lockers are also available!

Rental Counter

Rental Counter
We have many snowboarding gears from SALOMON, a major snowboard brand.
You can enjoy snowboarding even if you visit us by empty-handed.
Rental is only for snowboarding and snow skating.

2F Gallery Corner

2F Gallery Corner
There is also a gallery corner where you can see the slopes.
It is free of charge from 2F.

2F Relax Room

2F Relax Room
You can take a break slowly after waiting or sliding.
TV and magazines are also available, and food and drink is also available!!

Floor Map

Floor Map

Price List

Sliding Fee

Ticket Adult Child
1-hour Ticket 2,500yen 2,000yen
3-hour Ticket 3,500yen 2,500yen
5-hour Ticket 4,000yen 3,000yen
1-day Ticket 5,500yen 4,500yen
Extension Fee
(every 30 minutes)

Pack Fee
Ticket Adult Child
Empty-handed Pack
2-hour Ticket & all wear set & instruction 1h
7,000yen 6,000yen
Empty-handed Pack
1-day Ticket & all wear set & instruction 1h
9,500yen 8,500yen
  • * Reservation is required for instruction in Empty-handed Pack by the day before.
  • * Sorry we only speak Japanese.

Rental Fee

Rental Item (Snowboard only)
Type Adult & Child same Fee
Single Item Board 2,000yen
Boots 1,500yen
Over Jacket 1,000yen
Over Pants 1,000yen
Gloves 500yen
Helmet 100yen
Set All Set
(Board Set & Over-wear Set)
Board Set
(Board & Boots)
Over-wear Set
(Over Jacket & Over Pants & Gloves)
  • * When using the main jump table, wearing a helmet is necessary.
  • Rental will be only for snowboard. There is no ski.
  • Boots size is from 19cm to 29cm for snowboarding.
  • The rental time of the rental supplies is the same time as the purchased slide certificate.

Rental Item (Snowskate only)
Type Adult & Child same Fee
Single Item Board
(With leash cord)
  • The rental time of the rental supplies is the same time as the purchased slide certificate.

Sales Item
Type Adult & Child same Fee
Single Item Stock cap 800yen
  • * For those who use ski-stocks, stock caps are necessary.

Instruction Fee

Adult & Child same Fee
1 hour instruction 2,000yen
  • * The instruction fee does not include sliding fee.
  • * The instruction is 60 minutes.
  • * Instruction is only snowboard.
  • * The reservation is required by the day before the instruction.
  • * Sorry we only speak Japanese.

Other Fee

Admission ticket
Admission ticket 3 hour 500yen
  • * Extension 100 yen per 30 minutes.


  • Can not change or refund after purchasing a runway ticket.
  • For Teenagers and below, presentation of student ID card is required. If there is no presentation, it is an adult rate.
  • Children under high school will be charged for children.
  • Snowboarding, skiing, snowscoot and snow skating are not permitted.
    Snowscoot and snow skating require leash codes.
  • Customers using service tickets will be on a 120 minute ride.
  • * Combined use of services is not possible.
  • * Sorry we only speak Japanese.


Snova Hashima has a free parking lot accommodating 350 cars. It is also in a very convenient place for experts who have My Board and those who want to have fun empty-handed.
We are waiting for your visit!


1518, Fukujucho Majima, Hashima-shi, Gifu, 501-6251, Japan

Phone: +81-58-394-0251
Facsimile: +81-58-392-5528